March 18, 2012

Aeon of Sands - A possible interface?

Now some roughly made mockups we made for this post to show you the first interation of a possible gui.

The Elements

[1] A click on the icons opens a specific part of the inventory. In this example, all quest items are shown. At the moment our hero has three keys, two of them are the identical.
[2] Every group consists of 12 items, so you can easily use them by clicking the left mouse button or by using the F-keys on the keyboard.
[3] The action bar: Here you can drag&drop your items. There are ten slots available, you can control them by hitting 0-9 on the keyboard or the left mouse button.
[4] A small chat window
[5] The avatar with two bars: One showing health the second one the magic status.
[6] On the top your weapon in the left hand and on the right hand your shield. Below are the stats of your character. In this case, he is poisoned. On the right next to it you found the passive spells – here you have a lighted torch for a clearer sight.
[7] A minimap showing the environment and other fighters as well.
[8] The view of the dungeon

As we said, at the moment we don’t plan to go hires, but at 1920x1200 Resultion there is much screen to fill.

Player 2 has entered the game

The game will be prepared for up to 4 players. If a third player enters the game, players 2-4 will be showed in reduced windows.
Their view is reduced – just showing the map, the avatar with the health status and their dungeon view.

The first prototype

So you’ve seen some old graphics from the good old games, now you see the status of our project.

The 2D rendering engine is working. You can walk through a dungeon with up to 4 players. There is one enemy, which can be looked at from every side. We have collision detection implemented, you can’t share the space with an enemy but Players can stand on the same quadrant.

For the first two weeks of the development, we are very satisfied with the progress of the game. The next steps are implementing a chat and realizing the interface.

So far our first thoughts – fell free to comment!


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