February 29, 2012

Sony, PSN, PS3, Vita, Sony - It pisses me off though

For years you are saying, PS3 can't emulate PS2. Now you are putting several PS2 Classic in the PSNStore (all emulated PS2 titles).

What about people who have a PS3-Slim and still having some old PS2-DVD? Do you think we really want to buy again?

You should put an PS2-Emulator (as PS1) in the PSNStore (maybe for few bucks), that people can use their PS2-DVDs (i don't mean an all mighty emulator, i just mean the titles that are compatible)!


What about PSP Titles we already purchased in the PSNStore and are marked for Vita compatibility but not downloadable on PS3-downloadlist, Vita-downloadlist or via Qriocity?


The new Vita "Content Manager Assistant"!
How do i download and transfer Vita Games i downloaded on PC to my Vita? It was possible on PSP, but not on Vita. The "Content Manager Assistant" is only for music, video and pictures! Why?


Your advertisements are full of crossplay compatibility of Wipeout 2048. But where is the manual? How does it work? How can i play with the same account on my Vita against a friend playing on my PS3?

No answers!


In the future we will probably have to buy each game file individually. Who knows.

Games are culture! But this is no culture. This is torture!

This really pisses me off though!


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