August 5, 2010

Icewind Dale on Dingux (using GemRB)

Thanks to the whole GemRB Team (esp. fuzzie) for helping me to port GemRB to Dingux (Dingoo Handheld).

All screenshots are taken directly from dingux on a320 using a framegrabber.

A long journey is over!

First i ported a virtual mouse driver for D-Pad. Second Python25. Third OpenAL. And last but not least GemRB :-).

Currently i'm testing which games/setups runs best.

On a320 you need:
-swap (30mb)
-zram (20mb)

On a330 you need:
-zram or

What else needed to run GemRB on Dingux?
-Kernel with swap and/or zram and virtual mouse support support
-my Virtual Mouse Tool
-Python 2.5
-OpenAL (optional for slow and laggy sound)

What Games you could play using GemRB for Dingux?
-hopefully: Icewind Dale 1 & Baldurs Gate 1
-hopefully*10: Baldurs Gate 2, Icewind Dale 2, Planescape Torment

All Games need too much RAM.

Release? Until it is playable ;-)


  1. Danke, danke schön, vielen dank, thanks you very much for this =D

  2. Hello !
    Great, great job !