May 13, 2009

Dingoo Digital A320

Last week i got a new Gadget: Dingoo Digital A320.

I already did an advanced review of the audio/video codecs and other features of the Dingoo.
Just to get more and more in touch with the free avaiable SDK for the Dingoo i'm developing an Pacman Arcade Emulator. It's an port of the common PIE Emu. PIE is written in C and therefore easily portable to other systems.
Form time to time i'm visiting the unofficial Dingoo Forum and someone was faster then me. A first preview version of an Pie emulator for the Dingoo A320 is already released. Mine is also working fine, but i don't want to release an unfinished version. But of couse, i will release it as OpenSource.

More Informations and Infos can be found here:

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