April 10, 2013

Aeon of Sands - story, switches & burning torches

Back from holidays and we continue to work on Aeon of Sands.

We did lots of tweaks to the gui and skin and i think it looks better and better. What do you think?

I added animated torches (torch+holder) and switches to open doors. I integrated a system where i combine freely any number of switches with any number of doors. This allows me to make really tricky combinations of switch quests ;-).

We also enhanced the melee combat and now it feels more dynamic. Marco and I worked both on the story of the game and I can tell you, that it's not a normal dungeon crawler story. We want to create a great historic background for the world of 'Aeon of Sands' that it feels like a real world not just a dungeon.

But i can't tell yet about the story. Sorry :).

stay tuned

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