November 26, 2012

Aeon of Sands - new Door Screenshots

Yesterday i added ingame door support to Aeon of Sands. The Doorframe is defined as Wall-Block and the Door itself is defined as Item in direction North-South. But than one thing is left. The Door-lateral on the second screenshot. Of couse we can define another Wall-Block where two sides are normal Walltextures and the other two sides show a Walltexture+lateral. But than the upper and lower part of the lateral is cutted, just because the Walltexture is too small. Arrr...

Now my solution: I added the lateral-texture to the Door definition, where i switch the drawing direction of the door on position 0,0 from Norht-South to East-West :-).

stay tuned for next updates on this blog!

Doors are working now :-)
also the Doors lateral

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