October 18, 2012

Aeon of Sands - GUI Overhaul - Part 2 - Inventory

This week i'm working on the inventory and item-system. The team (stefan, marco, sience) agreed to an modern drag & drop interface where stats and specs are visible via overlay. I'm unsure if we also need an item spec comparsion chart, because this wont be a game full of items and useless stuff. I also moved the minimap from the right corner to the left to make it more visible during play.

The current item images are only placeholder ... programmer art :-) ... and the character stats are also on the wrong place.

item stats overlay via mouse hoover


  1. Greetings

    Hello, Crank Gaming,

    I am just letting you know, that our Czech video game website (one of the biggest in our country) has featured your project. I'm glad I could spread a word!

    Link: http://games.tiscali.cz/tema/nezavisly-rozcestnik-thief-se-vplizil-do-doom-3-61168

    Kind regards to you,

    Marek Kral

    P. S.
    GAMES.cz's indie games scribbler.

    1. Hi Marek,

      big thanks!

      If you want an interview, feel free to ask us :).

      Please notice that the name "Dungeonspace" is not the final name. So don't be confused to see the final game under a different name.