February 6, 2012

C.M.Y.K - how todo a titlescreen & a soundtrack

This weekend I took the time to complete the menu and the soundtrack of my upcomming indie C.M.Y.K game. I'm not the best artist, but i like the result. I used Paint.Net to draw the background picture.

titlescreen of C.M.Y.K

Music...ah. I'm also not the best musician. Now, what should i do?

I searched for old projects of mine and found "BrainDead". A simple unreleased shooter I did with a friend in 1992. Uh thats old. Yes :-). But what about our unreleased music? In 1992 we used a OPL2 syntheciser called hsc-tracker. The hsc format was used in several games like Whales Voyage, Burntime aso. I isolated two usable tracks and converted them from hsc->wav->ogg using the "winamp adlib plugin" and "oggdropxp". One for the menu and one for ingame.

Stay tuned for a sample in my upcomming post.


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