January 18, 2012

Fresh Prince - Farseer Physics Video and XNA Monogame intrgration

I managed to get Monogame runing with my code. Thanks to c# defines i can use the same code to compile on different IDE (Visual Studio 2010 & MonoDevelop) for 4 different platforms. Windows XNA, Windows Phone 7 XNA, Linux Monogame, MacOSX Monogame and even Windows Monogame (i think XNA should do it).

Here is a video of Farseer Physics. I had to integrate ConvertUnits and now everything is scaled correct. If you have problems take a look at this blogpost.

I reworked my gamedesign. Yep, collecting diamonds is boring. Now i want todo a variant of snake using physics. Same style but ... stay tuned!


1 comment:

  1. Is there any chance you could outline what might be required to port Farseer to XNA? :)

    I'm looking to use it in my project.