November 2, 2011

LoveCodify - Wrapper Library to run Codify scripts on MacOSX, Linux, Windows

I shopped Codify for iPad last week from the store. Sadly it's incompatible with my fav. prototype tool Love2D. So I though it would be great to code on PC and than Mail this Script to my iPAD and run it (copy/paste) using Codify. There i can test and modify Gravity/Acceleration aso. and Mail it back to PC.

So here is my first working Alpha of LoveCodify:

It's that easy :).

1. Install the Love2D runtime for MacOSX, Linux or Windows.

2. get LoveCodify from via GIT or directly download (Love2D for Windows included)

3. extract and run the included Samples:

WIN: love.exe Foldername or start.bat
LINUX: love Foldername
MacOSX: drag&drop the folder on love

Press Left Mouse Button to simulate TouchEvents
Press Left,Up,Down,Right Cursor Keys to increase/decrease Gravity

4. To use this Library with your own Codify Script just include this in your Script and run it:
dofile ("loveCodify.lua")

Here is a picture running the Sample MoireToy from here using Love2D for Windows:

Current state is unfinished. I only added the needed API calls to watch the samples scripts on my PC. But updates are following.

If you wann help, send me patches or enhancements :-).

have fun


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