October 14, 2011

Devmania 2011 Hobby Game Developer Meeting in Mainz

Since 2004 i'm attending at a Hobby Game Developer Meeting near Frankfurt named Dusmania. The Dusmania is now organized by a new Team called Devmania. I'm greatly appreciate this Meeting because of the so called OverNight Contest. You build a Team of about 2-4 Members and from 2 o'clock pm (Saturday) to 9-10 o'clock am (Sunday) you have to develop a Game. Graphic, Sound and Code. Everything!
Of cause you have to build something fresh, new and in correspondence to the Motto. Most of the time a Multiplayer Game wins ;-).
Multiplayer on one PC because of the Setup. So you have to develop a PC Game.

2006 - Dusmania - Beez 2006
2007 - Dusmania - nothing
2008 - Dusmania - LalaLove
2009 - Devmania - ZURUECKgefilmt
2010 - Devmania - 28 Brains Later

In 2009 we won the Contest with ZURUECKgefilmt (Back Shot). It's a two player game on one pc. You are two journalists and you have to film the police while the police beat protesters and bring back the films to the Press Stand.
At the end of the game the police turns crazy and slaughters all the protesters.

So what do we develop this year to win the contest another time?

Don't know :).

Stay tuned.


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