June 16, 2011

Working on my first Windows Phone 7 Game

I'm currently a bit off the Dingoo & Caanoo Community, because i'm working on my first Windows Phone 7 Game.

Why the hell WP7?
  • It's not an OpenSource Device.
  • It has an restricted Marketplace like iOS and Android.
So why?

  • The developer tools are nice (Visual Studio 2010 Express WP7 Edition) and they include a nice gui Editor and of couse XNA.
  • It's Cross-Plattform (Xbox360, Windows, WP7) using .NET and C# and i like C# or Mono.
  • WP7 are the cheapest Smartphones :), i got my LG Optimus 7 for ~170 Euro.
So i started my first Game. Last Week i prototyped a bit with Love2D. This week i've done a basic TileMap, a Wall Layer, wrong ;-) Clouds and some kind of MainMenu.

The Design Document is in the work, but for now i can say i want to a Mix of "Cut the Rope (iOS)", "Marbles" and "Mario".

Currently i'm using sprites from LostGarden. But hey they are free to use and for my kind of game they are perfect.

Now some screenshots:
and see you next time when i'm writing about the game mechanics and Microsoft AppHub.



  1. > WP7 are the cheapest Smartphones :),
    > i got my LG Optimus 7 for ~170 Euro.

    Sorry, it is just not the truth.
    You should check Huawei U8300, I bought it for 90 Euro, and you can got it for less with 24month contract.
    Compare for your self (btw it has new version of Android, not 2.1 as it is writen):
    There are other models too...
    Btw, Apple is planning "cheap" version of iPhone, below 300$, according to 9to5mac:
    So, Winblows7 is bad choice IMHO... ;)

  2. More platforms are better. Why not support a different platform than android or iphone?

    The development tools are excelent and the my WP7 phone does what i need.

    Also WIFI Sync ;-) haha.