May 3, 2011

working on a new release of Iris2 for WinXP, Linux and MacOSX

Do you know Ultima Iris?

Do you know Ultima Online?

Yep, Iris is an opensource UO-Client.

It was the first full 3D Client for UO Freeshards.

Why full 3D?

We recreated most of the 2D tile graphics in real 3D.

Why 2D?

Because you can seemless switch between normal 2D UO mode and new 3D Iris mode.

Lets take a look to the world of Ultima Online in 3D using the Iris2 Client (youtube).

The Iris project was started by Tensor and several other guys (Thorgrim, Art-ix, surfdargent, Johwood, ...). I joined the project in 2004. I started to finalize some of the gui scripts. At that time most of the original guys went to do other things. In 2006 i met two guys in Munich during a game development meeting. These were the guys from, ghoulsblade and hagish, "a bunch of people who love to make games (mostly opensouce). Schattenkind hosts the FreeGameDev Forums, FreeArtSearch, Iris2, Lugre (an Ogre3D Lua Wrapper) and several other websites.
Ghoulsblade and Hagish helped me to bring more speed into the development of Iris. But after some months, we though of choosing a new advanced 3D Engine. We evaluated Irrlicht, Ogre3D, Panda3D and other engines. Finally we chose the Ogre3D engine, because of the license and the really big and nice community. This was the initial starting point of the reboot of Iris. We threw away the old code and started Iris2 from ground up using Ogre3D, FMod for Sound, OpenAL, and Lua as scripting Engine.
The initial commit into our svn repository was on 08/20/06 18:15 from ghoulsblade.

The birth of the current opensource Iris2 UO-Client for Freeshards.

Why only for Freeshards?

We do not support network encryption used by original UO.

Next post I will write something about the reboot of Iris2 and the Ogre3D Engine.

---> Lets try Iris2 yourself.



  1. Nice. But will there be no more updates for Snes9X4D ?

  2. without encryption is half death project..

  3. hello, what is with new version?