January 19, 2011

PSP2, 3DS and my new PSPGo

Hey Dingoo & Caanoo friends.

Several things are chainging. PS3 is opened. First signed Psp Homebrew is out since two days. 3DS commes out on march and PSP2 is about to be announced.

I though, it's time to buy a cheap old PSPGo.

It's a really nice handheld. I like the BT stereo headphone feature very much!

Now i'm going to compile Snes9x4x for Psp. Hoepfully signed.

Next releases are:Dingoo:

  • GemRB: BG1, BG2, PST and IWD1 are comfirmed working on Dingoo/Dingux.


  • update of Snes9x4C


  • Snes9x4Psp
stay tuned


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