November 21, 2010

nlove 0.7.0 beta (LÖVE) for Caanoo Handheld

Now the lovely Game Engine for Caanoo Handheld!

Howto develop Games using LUA and the LÖVE Game Engine visit the website:

Read the included README_Caanoo.txt for more information.

Sound support added! -> Try the included "Passing Clouds" Demo.

new Game added:
Cartesian Cardinal Zap - Game by jph wacheski

Sample Games included:
* Cartesian Cardinal Zap- Game by wacheski 2010

* ninwaLovePuzzlev02fix - Physic Puzzle Game by Niwa

* snake - Snake Game
* npong - Two Player Pong Game

Sample Demos:
* Hello World App
* Passing Clouds with Sound

Sourcecodes for all Games are included (*.love files are ZIP-Archives)!


have fun

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