October 26, 2010

nlove 0.6.2 beta (Love2D) for Dingoo

Now the lovely Game Engine for our lovely Dingoo a320 & a330!

Howto develop Games using Love2D visit the website: http://love2d.org/

Sourcecodes for all Games are included (*.love files are ZIP-Archives)!

Read the included README_Dingoo.txt for more information.

included showcase Games:
nPong - Two Player Pong on Dingoo


Ninwa's Love Puzzle - small Physics Game

Use my virtual mouse for Ninwa's Love Puzzle Game!

included Demos:
* Hello World App
* Passing Clouds

Download: nlove_0.6.2_beta_dingoo.zip

have fun


  1. It's just wonderful! Will there be available to your source nlove?

  2. Love2D source is available. nLove source to. please ask in the love2d forum.