August 6, 2010

VNC-Server for Dingux 0.1

It's using the Dingux Framebuffer.

thx to zear for the recording via vnc2swf

Just start "" and you have a VNC-Server running on Dingux. Attach your Dingoo to your Linux Dist and you can view the Dingux-VNC via your fav. VNC-Viewer.

If you use Gmenu2x, don't forget to enable the DON'T LEAVE option on your Icon (edit Icon)!!

Read the included README.txt !!!!

-keyboard support
-mouse support

Use vnc2mpg or vnc2swf ro record your VNC Stream into a Video File.

Make great Dingoo Videos and leave me a message!

go to my Download Page

or direct:

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