June 26, 2010

virtual Mouse Driver for Dingux (beta3)

Since several weeks i try get a virtual mouse driver working on Dingux. Now I think it's ready for the first release. This virtual mouse driver is usuable like a real mouse in every Application that supports a mouse!

Successfully Tested with:
-DosBox (for example with Ultima Underworld)
-Exult (Ultima 7)
-SDL Testapps

current Keymappings
* HOLD the Right+Shoulder Button + D-Pad (moving Cursor)
* HOLD the Right+Shoulder Button + A (right Mouse button)
* HOLD the Right+Shoulder Button + B (middle Mouse button)
* HOLD the Right+Shoulder Button + Y (left Mouse Button)

This configuration is changable via config file. You can even start this mouse driver with different configurations that fits the need of your App.

You need to use my Kernel or a Kernel that supports CONFIG_INPUT_UINPUT, CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV.

Please read the included "HowTo_Install.txt"!!!


Happy Mousing!



  1. Hi and thanks for this

    Do you plan to release the source code anytime soon?

    I'd be interested for other projects

    Do you emulate a fake USB mouse? do you think it will work in x-window?


  2. Most of the code is no from me. I only adapted it for dingux, ported and wrote some scripts to use it.

    you can get the keymouse code from here:

    all other stuff is in my mouse package.

    have fun

  3. Hello SiENcE.
    THX for this great application/port.

    I have a question to the mouse - is it possible to deactivate the "normal" use of the D-Pad or/and the other buttons?

    Cause in Dosbox the normal Commend for "left" will by also used if i want to slide to the left with the mouse. An example for this what i mean is Might & Magic - swords of xeen.

    THX a lot


  4. Ah no you cannot influence the normal button functionallity. This has to be done in the App itself.

    You can use the dosbox mappers to remap the dosbox keys.

  5. Firstable- Thank You very much for your work (I mean all apps and ports)!
    I can't start the mouse driver. I did all like the manuals say.
    Formated my mini sd in fat32 standart format in WinXP. Used local pack 0.35 and minimal local pack used too. Then decided to use "clean" Dingux: roofs and zImage by SiEnCe, but nothing changes, can't move the cursor in the "testmouse" :(. help me Please!

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  7. My problem solved :)
    I just need to create "startmouse.sh" link, not keymouse.dge .
    Thank you for your driver!