May 24, 2010

Lemonboy or Gnuboy?

I'm just testing my port of Lemonboy (taken from gp2x) for Dingux. Currently no sound and wrong speed. But it uses nicer scalers and has an nice inbuild menu and rom selector.

Lemonboy also uses a Gnuboy core, but i don't know which.

Do we need this for dingux?

I ask, just because i always use the gmenu2x build in rom selector.

Screenshots taken directly from dinugx version using fbgrab.


  1. Looks fresh and nice menu/rom selector so with fully support sound and speed that one would be great having on Dingux

  2. Yep, but we really don't need a ingame rom browser. Or? Gmenu2x has a far better rom browser.

    Lemonboy has also speed issues. Wrong Speed all the time.

    Fully support sound?