May 14, 2010

Gnuboy - Dingux enhancements?

I use newer original Gnuboy sources as Base for the port. I borrowed the menu from Joyriders port, because I think it's good.

What do I plan?
-speed improvements: Gnuboy run (unscaled) with 60fps @ 200mhz ;-)
-remove Savestate Bug (the first savesate is not loadable, you have to save twice times)
-add Screenshots to Savestates
-changeable Palettes
-changeable Buttonlayout
-changeable Gameboy Player Backgrounds

What else do you want?
-Overclock in menu?
-Better scaler for Fullscreen?

Please write me a comment.


  1. Cool stuff, keep rocking! :D

  2. Wuhu! Nett Sience :)
    Denkst du sowas wie ein Speedbutton ist machbar?
    Gerade für Games wie DQM oder Pokemon find ichs praktisch, wenn man z.b auf Doppeltem Speed spielen kann.
    Müsste ja technisch möglich sein, oder? :)

    Mach weiter so! Ich liebe Snes9x4D ^.^