April 29, 2010

Snes9x4D (for DINGUX) v20100429 - play Star Fox!

Snes9x4D (for DINGUX) v20100429

Play Star Fox (StarWing) on your Dingoo (using Dingux)!

ver 20100429
FX1 support
-Star Wing/Star Fox
-Dirt Trax FX
FX2 support
-Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island
-Winter Gold
-Doom (slow, unplayable)
OBC1 support
-Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge
DSP-2 support
-Dungeon Master
DSP-3 support
-SD Gundam GX --bugged?
DSP-4 support
-Top Gear 3000
other that work now:
-Super Mario All-Stars
-The Lion King
-Sunset Riders

+autodetection of HighRes Games added
+some other Bugs fixed

For Fx Title use 400Mhz, Frameskip to 60/3 and the NoSound commandline option "-ns" !


Have fun. Please give me feedback if you like it!



  1. Thanks, your work is hugely appreciated! :D

    1. Crank Gaming: Snes9X4D (For Dingux) V20100429 - Play Star Fox! >>>>> Download Now

      >>>>> Download Full

      Crank Gaming: Snes9X4D (For Dingux) V20100429 - Play Star Fox! >>>>> Download LINK

      >>>>> Download Now

      Crank Gaming: Snes9X4D (For Dingux) V20100429 - Play Star Fox! >>>>> Download Full

      >>>>> Download LINK WO

  2. yeah man!!!!!!!


    Testing now!

  3. Wow, nice! We owe it all to you! You could say that there is a split in the history of the Snes9x-Dingux: before and after SiENcE!

  4. Thank You Very Much, You made my dingoo a perfect retro-console. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    @Thiago Zolini
    Your frase was perfect, and fits in another context too! XD

  5. how to use the Commandline option in gmenu?

  6. Man....YOU'RE THE MAN!!! Thanks you very much. Your work is perfect.

    Thank you!!!!

  7. Wow, you're making this one of the best SNES emulators ever! Awesome work! Keep it that way!

  8. Thanks for all the comments!

  9. Thank you for Snes9x4D v20100429 !!!!
    Starfox on Dingux, who would have ever thought! Thank you!

  10. Congratulations and thank you for this beautiful work! I hope you get out a version to play Starfox correctly with the sound and the emulation speed will be increased. Thank you again

  11. Hi, why does every one of your new releases make most of my games lag, like megaman X, donkey kong country 2, Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse and Aladdin? The most stable release for me is ver.20091002, no lag at all. What's different?
    I have both versions on mi Micro SD because of this.

  12. The last version lags? What you mean with lag? I need a real bugreport:
    -used dingux kernel
    -pawed vs non-pawed dingoo
    -with Snes9x4d version?
    -compared to witch Snes9x version?
    -sound /nosound?
    -with rom tested?

  13. - Latest from dingux.com
    - Latest from http://code.google.com/p/dingoo-linux/downloads/list
    - Pawed original with LCD Module ILI9331 non clone Dingoo.
    - v20100429
    - v20091002
    - 430 mhz Oops, I thought I had my dingoo overclocked to 430mhz on both versions, but since this ver. dosn't have a built in overclock I wasn't entirely sure.
    though the new version lags more when set to 360mhz then the old version when set to 360mhz I think, maybe it's just me...
    - 50%
    - Aladdin (U), Diddy Kong's Quest (U)

    both versions where played on the same microSD card

  14. Awesome!!! Any chance of a source code release? I'd love to make a port. :D

  15. Is there somewhere that describes how to install this emulator?

  16. somewhere port for ps2???