April 19, 2010

Dungeon Master & Yoshi's Island for Snes9x4D on Dingux

Currently i'm working on DSP-2, OBC1 & FX1, FX2 support for Dingux. DSP-2 Chipset is almost implemented. I took the source from Snes9x 1.40. I had to rewrite most of the PPU stuff, but now it works and I can play Dungeon Master on Snes9x4D :-).

Additionally i'm activating FX1, FX2 Chipset support, but it's not that easy. The person who ported Snes9x to Zaurus (our base) did heavy changes on the whole code, so it's not that easy to get it working again. But Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island is almost playable at decent speed.
Star Wing/Star Fox is bugged. Winter Gold works, but very slow. Doom is the slowest i've seen so far. Dirt Trax FX & Stunt Race FX work a bit. Star Fox 2 & Vortex don't work or even get my Dingoo crash.

Oh and don't forget: OBC1 suport works :). I can play Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge.

Release is planed on upcomming Weekend.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Great news! Thanks a lot for all tyour works. If I can help please let me know! ;-)