March 30, 2010

Snes9x4D (for DINGUX) v20100330

Snes9x4D (for DINGUX) v20100330

+SA-1 Support added (Super Mario RPG, and all other SA-1 Games are working!!!)
-Savestates of SA-1 Games are untested (better only use InGames saves!
+renamed from Snes9x to Snes9x4D (for Dingux)
+new Snes9x4D Icon added
+Fullscreen Scaling added again for Normal Mode
-Scaling is not available in HighRes Mode (Menu-Option inactive)
+Autodetect Highres Games (Secret of Mana, Seiken 3 & Rudra no Hihou) and switch automatically to HighRes Mode
+"-nohi" or "-nohires" commandline option added
+"-hi" or "-hires" commandline option added
-Transparency option removed, just because doesn't affect speed
+Memory leak in Menu fixed
+Frameskip option added to Menu
-Overclocking removed due to the lack of getClockSpeed (but you can overclock with gmenu2x ;-)

Hint: I removed a speedhack from old 1.39 source, just because it only fakes fps.




  1. What command line switches are enabled/useful for this version of snes9x?

  2. Most of the standard Snes9x 1.39 commands.

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  4. great release, but still some compatibility issue (or is it me?) with super mario allstars, or sunset riders (this one works with one of the previous versions of snes9x)

    thanks !

  5. Yep. super mario allstars has an issue.