February 19, 2010

Star Ocean (SNES 9x) working on Dingux Linux (Dingoo Digital a320)

I finally got Star Ocean (SNES) working on Snes9x for Dingux Linux. Currently you have to use the Star Ocean - Graphics Pack, but i'm working on full SDD1 support. Speed seems to be fullspeed at 400mhz.


You need Star Ocean + GraphicPack (optional +Eng Translation). You can get it at romnation dot net.

Put the Star Ocean graphics Pack (sdd1gfx.dat & sdd1gfx.idx) to the following directory on your Dingux:

Maybe we can all work together on one Version, to get full working snes emu :).


If you modify the source or have any Patches or Ideas, or not working ROMs, please report them here!


  1. FABULOUS!!!

    Could you try to get Seiken Densetsu 3 (translation font) working in Snes9X? ^_^

  2. Well... it doesn't work for me!
    The game is launched correctly but I have crappy graphics (like snow on the TV, but with colors).
    Also, I never success to save (normally or a savestate) with any version of Dingux: I think it's my Dingoo (black with LCD9331); if you have any suggestions or ideas, I will enjoy to try it ;)

  3. @Nicolas: Of couse. I try to support all jRPGs.

    @A: You have to use the Star Ocean Graphics Pack as i wrote!

    "Put the Star Ocean graphics Pack (sdd1gfx.dat & sdd1gfx.idx) to the following directory on your Dingux:

  4. Yes, I do it! (if I didn't put it, I stay on a black screen)
    But instead of see "enix", "tri-ace", etc, I see only a square with random colors inside.
    I have try with elta's rootfs and an older rootfs, but I have still the same problem.

  5. I use elta's root.

    If you see random colors instead of the logos, Snes9x can't find the graphic pack!

    download this and tell me if it works:

    Just extract it to your dingoo sd-card.

    I have a white dingoo with ILI9325.

  6. Hello ! Congratulations ! :D
    As Nicolas have asked, it would be very cool if Seiken translation font could work on the emu. "Rudra no hihou" suffer frome the same problem...
    Thank you for your work !
    (And sorry for my Enflish.. -_- )

  7. Yes. I know. Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3 and Rudra no hihou have all the same problem. They use Highresolution for displaying Fonts.

    I'm working on this. The Games work already with correct font, but i have some problems with the mainmenu.

    i release it soon when all is working ;-).

    stay tuned.

  8. where can i download graphics pack for star ocean, street fight alpha and far east of eden zero? thank you.

  9. @Robert: Not needed anymore. Take my latest Snes9x4D emulator and it will work fine without.