September 19, 2015

Aeon of Sands - Playable at GameOver Milano 19 - 20 September 2015

Quick news.

Just after my vacation you can play Aeon of Sands - the trail at GameOver Milano from 19 - 20 of September!

You can also meet Marco (our lead artist) there.

See you there!

June 27, 2015

Aeon of Sands - Development Impressions

May 29, 2015

Das Tal - PvP Sandbox MMO - Kickstarter

My friends at Fairytale Distillery, Alex and Sebi, are developing "Das Tal", a Sandbox MMO, for two years now.
They are longterm game developers, but now they started their own business. With Sebi, I developed Iris2, a wellknown custom 2D/3D client for Ultima Online.

Now with "Das Tal" they try to create their own PVP game system.

If you are in PVP, please support them :).

April 28, 2015

Decipher Quest - Ludum Dare 32

Last weekend I attended in the Ludum Dare 32. It was another great experience.

Decipher Quest is a puzzle game based on a simple geometric substitution cipher.

Read my post morten about my ludum dare 32 experience.

The game is free. Just try if you can beat the game and get a score of 100?

alternativ downloads

January 12, 2015

Aeon of Sands: gets a Developer Blog

We (TwoBitsKid) decided to launch a developer blog about our game: AEON OF SANDS - THE TRAIL. The first post is about "npc creation and animation development".

Please visit: